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Happy Tails Updates


UPDATE from Conny: 
Look who came to sit next to me on the couch!! Very shy kitty spent most of her time hiding, but finally after a few months of patience and going at Tuesday's pace ... success!


UPDATE from Julie & John:
I wanted to share this latest photo of Leo. He gets more sweet and more gorgeous by the day. He could be the supermodel face of your organization :)

Merlin & Salem

UPDATE from Leigh & Teagan:
I wanted to send you an update on Merlin and Salem (formerly Hershey). It's been a little over a year since they came home. Merlin has settled in like he owns the place...LOL. He has really bonded with us and is a great cat.

He loves to play and beg for food (still very food motivated). His favorite place to sleep is on a trash bag and he seems happy! Salem has transformed into the sweetest little cat. It has taken a lot of work to get him socialized and has been great to watch him grow. He's no longer afraid of everything and is fond of sleeping on a pillow and in blankets.

We can now pick him up and hold him for about 30 seconds, which is a great accomplishment for a cat that stayed underneath the bed for a month when he first came home. He's learned how to "meow" sort of to communicate, although usually his tail is how he shows his emotions 😃 We are so proud of him! They are both doing really well and are enjoying their new home.


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